How to include core CSS and SCSS in a blank template


I have a couple of problems with including styles in my blank template file. I’m trying to include the core CSS files (such as /css/core/xxx-yyy-server.css and /css/core/xxx-yyy-css-variables.css) and have managed to to this by manually including the xxx-yyy prefix in the calls, but there has to be a way to automatically fetch them, is there? Another problem I have is that my app has some extra icons generated with SCSS. I load them by calling \OCP\Util::addStyle('myapp', 'icons'); in AppInfo/Application.php for the parts of the app that run “inside” Nextcloud, but I have not found any way to load (or make the server compile) the SCSS in the blank template.

Perhaps someone could help me with these? Thanks in advance!

Maybe you can explain what exactly you are trying to do, because manually loading server css withouth the necessary sceleton around it sounds weird.

Hey, thanks for the reply @nickvergessen! I guess I was a bit too terse in my original question.

I have developed an app that works as a module (or leverages) to the general Viewer app. While it is pretty good as it is, the Viewer and Nextcloud itself do set some limitations and I want to provide an option to open the app in a blank template. I have constructed my Vue layout in such way that same components can be used both inside the Viewer and in this external template. To also preserve the general style of the layout, I need to load both the core CSS and the core icon set (which I can do manually, but it only seems to work in one of my NC instances). Since the Viewer/Text app also uses some icons from other app namespaces, I load them and a set of my own custom SVG icons using SCSS while in the Viewer, but have not found a way to load them for the blank template.

So, in short, I want to avoid having to develop different styles and use different icon sets in the app working inside Nextcloud and from the blank template, and for this I need a general way to load the core CSS and icon files. If it is not possible, I could always do with just loading them manually for my own instance and come up with some icons for my own personal use, but releasing the app to the public would no longer be an option.