How to import google keep notes into carnet?

I’ve exported my google keep notes from google and I was wondering if it was possible to export it into carnet? I see the option for doing it on desktop, but the desktop version for Windows does not appear to be available. I tried compliling the Appimage to work on Windows Subsystem for Linux but that did not work either. Any thoughts?

Hey, I don’t know canet but I imported the google keeps backup recently, I haven’t found a ready solution so i created a script to export to nextcloud notes format (a bunch of markdown files separeted by folder), if it could help you here is the script:

You will need python 3 to run it. here’s some tips to use it:
# give permission to execute
chmod +x
# run helper
./ -h
# the configuration that i used was that
./ -p -l -s
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this is fantastic! thank you for sharing!

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has someone tried app google migration under nc20+?

Hi. I was looking to transfer my google keep data to nextcloud.
Ill update this post with a solution as of today.

  1. Get your keep data from (i exported a zip file and it worked perfect)
  2. Install the Carnet app on your nextcloud instance.
  3. Go to carnet settings in Nextcloud and there is the magic option:

  1. Import your stuff and voila

  1. Manage the location of your imported notes. They will be under Files>Documents>QuickNote>Keep
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I can’t make it work.
Stuck at step 4. Import your stuff and voila

First, why do I have the option to choose between:

Once the archive is downloaded:

 Google Keep

I guess I should choose Google Keep obviously, then what? Import the file named archive_browser.html ?

When I do so I end up with a blank window and nothing seems to happen.


I can confirm that the import function is working!
It worked well to importing a few hundreads of Keep notes into Carnet!

I had to unzip the google takeout archive, find the Keep folder and recreate an archive with the following folder structure, in which I copy pasted only my Keep notes. Next I created a zip file and imported the archive using the “Import From Google Keep (Beta)” function, as showed above by a colleague.

So make sure that your notes from Keep are stored in an .zip archive that has this folder structure:

|------------ Keep |
|------------------------and in this folder you will have all the keep notes and attachments.

Hope it helps!
Thanks to everyone that contributes!

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Just to make clear, you need to export the .zip-file in English. Make sure yous see the takeout-website not in your local-language.
Then, take the .zip-file and choose Google Keep while importing.


If you arent able to change your language you can rename te folder inside the zip file to Keep.
Zipfile/Takeout/‘name_in your_languaje’ to Zipfile/Takeout/Keep
it worked for me.