How to implement unified authentication for nextcloud and roundcube

How to implement unified authentication for nextcloud and roundcube,No need to log in repeatedly.

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yes i agree this would make an excellent addition.

someone seems to be working on a roundcube-app for nextcloud but apparently on a very lowlevel maintaining-schedule.

and about authentication… maybe you wanna try nc-app user-external and authenticate against imap?

First, thanks for your reply!
user_external Can be used to authenticate Nextcloud users against an IMAP server. But It also cannot be used in conjunction with roundcube.
Unfortunately, Roundcube-Plugin-nextCloud looks like an abandoned project. But it is exactly what I would need.

Hello. Is the topic still relevant?

well this plugin mentioned above seems to be a fork. I asked the maintainer where he forked it from and received no answer.

which means: either you’ll find the original app yourself or you’d fork the fork and prepare it for NC (dunno if the mentioned fork would work with nc 20/21)

I have adapted the application to help with the integration. GitHub - flionet89/Nextcloud-roundcube at 10.0.1.

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looks good for me… can’t test it as I’m not running any Roundcube-installation.

next steps I’d see here:

  • publishing it to nextcloud appstore.
  • maybe renaming it to NC-Roundcube or such… :wink:
  • if needed, get localization at transifex

but yeah. good work!