How to implement an info banner at the top of ever page

Good morning,

I’ve set up a Nextlcoud server using snap but need to place an info banner at the top of every page detailing the type of data that can (/cannot) be stored there.

At present the only control of the web gui banner I can see is the logo (far too small to include my text), and the color of the header.

Is there any way I could add a text banner that would show at the top of every page, or is this currently not possible?


The app might be what you’re looking for.

Hi Joseph,

while I can totally understand your concern, putting a banner at the top of every page would only be half of the equation, even it it would be possible, which I don’t think is the case.

What about people using a Nextcloud sync client on any other device? The banner would then be useless anyway. There’s no other way, than educating your users, what they are allowed to share and what not.

Just my 2c,