How to ignore error file and continue next file?

I faced with the error when sync file from server to client apps, and it stop when see the error file. How to client app ignore error file and continue next file?

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I have the same question. This is such childish behavior and it’s supposed to be the very core functionality of this project. It’s constantly completely restarting the sync because a single file is inaccessible due to being in use by another app, and there’s a ton of those files, takes forever to sync.

Or maybe not restarting but stuck forever trying to access the inaccessible file instead of just skipping and trying again later, maybe even prompting to close any apps for a while.

Over 10 years old project. Double facepalm. Cringe.

Agreed. Maybe we need a couple introductory to programming students from the local high school to look at the code. I bet they could figure out how to SKIP A FILE without much effort. Completely unacceptable and extremely basic functionality. And the error messages are a pain to access too. Here it is mid 2022 and still doesn’t work. But lets add rounded corners and dark mode. That is way more important than actually making the software work. Who cares if it works as long as we have dark mode right?

PS, the web interface is garbage too. Far too slow to be actually useful.

Actually not a bad idea, and since it’s all open source, you could totally do that. So I’m excited to see what you and the high school students come up with… :wink:

I think I am going to abandon Nextcloud completely. The entire reason for using it was so I didn’t have to write my own code. I looked at the current project. It is 90% bloat. I am going to roll my own and center it around performance. It won’t be open source though. So I will stop complaining and just do it right from the ground up.