How to hide MariaDB password in Nextcloud Helm chart configuration

The Nextcloud Helm chart includes a way to deploy a MariaDB instance by setting the chart values like this:

    ## Whether to deploy a mariadb server to satisfy the applications database requirements. To use an external database set this to false and configure the externalDatabase parameters
    enabled: true
      name: nextcloud
      user: nextcloud
      password: p@55w0rd

Is there a way to specify these credentials from a Kubernetes Secret similar to what is available for the Nextcloud server admin credentials in the nextcloud section (example below)?

    ## Use an existing secret
      enabled: true
      secretName: nextcloud-account-admin
      usernameKey: username
      passwordKey: password

Never heard of that before, didn’t find a related app. There is just a repo regarding this, perhaps you ask there directly: Issues · nextcloud/helm · GitHub

@andrew looking for this?

@Reiner_Nippes that is almost what I need. From that post:

Documentation states I have to generate kubernetes secrets to do this and add this key to my yaml file with the same path hierarchy.

This is in fact what the Nextcloud admin credentials section of the values file does (see quoted YAML above), but I don’t see the same method for the database credentials.

Perhaps @tflidd was right that I will need to use the Helm repo issues for help.