How to get the Instant-Upload folder installed and updating?

Two weeks ago I installed the latest version of NextCloud on my home server and is working 100%
Somehow I got the “Instant-Upload” feature working too. Within seconds it is uploading pics and videos from my Android cellphone to the server without any further intervention on my part.
Now I created 3 more accounts on the server and added 3 more users to the NextCloud. All three installed the NextCloud app on their cellphones and successfully logged in. They can manually backup their videos and pics on NextCloud but I forgot how to get the Instant-Upload working for them too.
The only difference is, my Cellphone is android while they use iPhones. Otherwise everything else is exactly the same…

On iPhone you have the option as well. However, you can specify if you want to sync directly or only when wifi is available. For myself, I sometimes have to open the Nextcloud app that it realized that there are new pictures it needs to upload (not sure if it has to run somehow in the background).

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I have selected “On Wifi Only” (to save cellphone data), but even if the iPhone entered the WiFi area and automatically logged onto the WiFi network, it is somehow missing to see the new pics and videos which must be uploaded… On the Android device I do not have any such issues… It all works in the background - like magic. Even my Windows laptop does update right away all the new thumbnails (Obviously I must click the thumbnails for full picture download)…
But the iPhone only uploads when the NextCloud app is opened… When not, the app goes to ‘deep sleep’ or something :cry:

There is a longer topic with even more serious problems:

Checkout the existing topics on the bug tracker and the status. If nothing applies for you, open a new bug report. But I’m not sure with the wifi only upload, if you can trigger events in case you are connected to wifi or if they user other tricks to trigger such uploads.

Unfortunately, I have to open the app from time to time in order to make sure everything is uploaded. Not sure if there might be impact of other things like energy settings etc. that might prevent the feature.