How to get the current user? External App

Hi there,

some time ago we wrote a little helping app, which worked fine.

After upgrading from NC 18 > 19, we got an issue with the current logged in user.

Working solution:

  • including the base.php (require_once(’…/lib/base.php’);).

  • getting the current user with admin privileges ($getusername = OCP\User::getUser();).

  • checked the user/group db and allowed the access.

Problem now:

  • including the base.php now crashes the app (unlimited loading)


What’s the easiest way to simple get the current user name (display name) in PHP?

Sry for the (simple) question, but we stuck at the moment.

Thx, with best regards

<?php echo get_current_user(); ?>

Thx for the reply.
This is the server/php user.
We need the current nextcloud user, which we formaly got with: OCP\User::getUser();.

You can use the userSession from dependency Injection.
This gives you an Instance of IUser, of which you can use getDisplayName()

See e.g.

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