How to get the contact diagram?


I would like to know how to add the diagram contact as the one shown on the nextcloud web site

Thanks in advance !

Look this website and video. Maybe it helps you.

Thank you !

The problem is I don’t have the “organisation chart” tab in my nextcloud.

In your link, I understand this feature is already implemented. But I can’t see it.


The feature is available from Contacts 5.x.
Please use the “Manager” property to define the relations.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I just upgrade my next cloud to v25.0.4 and now I have Contact 5.0.3 but I still don’t have the Organization Chart feature.

What I can do more ?

Could someone help me further with this not found feature?

as you can see, the manager field is greyed, I can’t do anything

I finally found the solution: to be activated, we need at least 3 contacts.
Unfortunately it can’t be used with true users.