How to get rid of ignored files?

I just learned that syncing files from multiple MacOS computers to nextcloud that also use iclouddrive for syncing (and for me there is no way to avoid that), causes files to be uploaded that are deleted short time after that.
Especially .DS_Store files, but also tons of <originalfilename>.~abcdef09.
I added .DS_Store* o the ignore list on those computers, but those files are now already in nextcloud.

What is the best way to get rid of them in the cloud?

My current assumption is that MacOS will just recreate those files when I delete them from the cloud and the syncing will delete them from the MacOS computers. And my hope is that the nextcloud client will ignore them afterwards.

The only way I found so far to delete those files is to sync the whole directory to my (linux) machine and run find . -name '.DS_Store*' -delete, but is there a way to do that from the browser or commandline on the nextcloud server?

That is probably not a correct assumption… you are asking for trouble in this case. Friendly suggestion, do not do this. Good luck though.

At the very least, make complete offsite backups of everything before you start removing such files. :smile: