How to get rid of greeting, "Set status", and weather in dashboard?

I don’t like to see the greeting (e.g. “Good afternoon”), the “Set status” (I only use status inside of JSXC anyway), and the weather box, because it distracts me and uses too much screen real estate.

Also, the weather is shown for a place unknown to me (maybe because I accidently typed in something that is now interpreted as a place). How/where can I remove the location?

Hello @m67303a93867b and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

I think disabling the following apps should do what you requested:

  • Weather status
  • User status

You can disable them by navigating to the top right of Nextcloud, clicking on your avatar and go to + Apps. Search for status and you should see both apps as well as an Disable button next to them.


Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, I can’t find “Apps” in the avatar menu. There is my user name, Set status, Settings, About, Users, Help, and Log out. I searched also in the Settings, but didn’t find “Apps”.

Does it depend on the NC version or on my admin?

(Btw. I clicked on “About” to find out about the NC version, but did not find that information.)

Yeah, en- or disabling apps requires administration permissions

Thanks, that explains!
I’ll ask the admin to disable the two apps for me.

Btw. is there a way (for me or for admin) to reset the location of the weather app to “nothing”? After settings a location once, I can change the location, but not set “no location”.

Keep in mind that apps cannot be en-/disabled for single users. In some cases the app usage can be restricted to certain groups.

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Btw: Just go to the bottom of your Dashboard, click on Customize and unselect Status and Weather. The greeter can’t be hidden this way.