How to get phpinfo to display info


I’m using Nextcloud version 22.2.3. I tried creating a phpinfo.php file which I placed in the root folder of the Nextcloud installation. When I try to access it from my browser - it does not show the information from the phpinfo file - instead I’m just seeing the normal Nextcloud.

I would like the information from the phpinfo file. Any idea how I should set it up?

The PHP version can be checked in the Settings/System overview. Do you need more?

I would like to see the settings/modules/extensions. It would be nice if it was possible to see within Nextcloud - or an explanation how I could let it be shown temporarily without Nextcloud “hijacking” the URL.

Nobody having any idea how to do it?

Where you created the file (ex info.php) you can just do php info.php on the console
info.php should consist of


this equals the output of

php -i