How to get Notifications about nextcloud core updates via email

I’m using a non-admin user for daily work and an admin user just for system maintainance. So I’m missing to get the information about pending nextcloud core updates via email. Also the possibility to get the notifications about app updates via email would be awesome.

I would appreciate these settings per user at user /index.php/settings/user/activity.

Have I overlooked something or is there an add-on for this?
If no, this is a feature request.

I would recommend to use the news app and subscribe to the Nextcloud rss feed. That’s the way I have solved it and how I’m getting information about new releases, apps, etc.

Thanks. I will do that as a workaround and I still would appreciate to have this feature in the way described above because it would be directly related to the status of the nextcloud system.

+1 I also use a different account than admin for my daily use

You do have a system setting in Administration -> Overview that is labeled “Notify members of the following groups about available updates”

That way you can assign a subgroup that is not an admin to get updates.

You wont get an email. But you will at least get updates as a non admin when using the app or web interface.

Thank you also. This works for me although I’d prefer emails for these informations.

I’m wondering that email notification for updates isn’t implemented yet. Would be a big step for security in my opinion and it doesn’t seem to be hard to implement, because sending emails is already possible within nextcloud. So has it a technical or an ideological reason?

Getting informed about new updates via email is a pretty basic feature for a lot of software today. I have no idea why it is not in Nextcloud, especially as you can be informed about other activities.
For a workaround and if you run Nextcloud on your own server, you can log in via SSH and do:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ update:check
to at least see if new updates are available.
I’m not a PHP guy, but I guess you would have to extend the activities site to
a) show an entry to be informed about system updates
b) connect this entry to a function that shows if there are any new updates (mabye via occ update:check)