How to get Files from NextCloud sub-folder inside a folder and display them externally

We are in process to integrate NC folders with an external tool. We need to display all files uploaded in a specific folder inside NC from that tool and have them accessible to the user without login via NC.

Using the PROPFIND request call and basic auth, we are able to make request to ‘<DOMAIN_URL/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/path/to/folder>’ but the files are not accessible of the user is not logged in to NC and sometimes we get ‘{“error”:“Strict Cookie has not been found in request”}’ error when opening the link in a new window.

The shareURL option may end of having a thousands of shared links with multiple users.

We don’t want to download the file then display it from the tool, to avoid redundancy because the user is uploading those files to NC and then he needs to be able to see the files uploaded at any time but from the tool (outside of NC).

Is there any API call or iframe solution (like how NC does the display and the render of the folders and files) to get an explicit URL for each uploaded in the sub folder so the user can open the file from the external tool?

Thank you.