How to get End to End Encryption working

Nextcloud Version: 14.0.3

Desktop Client Version: Mac 2.3.3 (build 85)


I have just upgraded my Nextcloud to 14.0.3 to take advantage of the end to end encryption.

I was expecting when I launched the upgraded client to get the Encryption passphrase prompt that you see on the NExtcloud videos but this does not appear for me and I cannot see any setting for end to end encryption anywhere.

Is there something specific I need to do to enable the feature?



Maybe you should try the new desktop client 2.5 from here:

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Hi @alfred

Thanks for this. I have tried it from there and it works. Well I might try following this guide to build the latest test builds as well.

Have you built from source?



No, this is the final release. They announced it officially now.

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