How to get around a problem of importing ICS?



I’ve troubles to import a light agenda (ICS file) with about 400 entries. I always get an error which tells that the process has encountered many failures and has only managed to import about 80 entries.

Here is few informations :
→ I’m running Nextcloud 14.0.3 and Calendar 1.6.3, installed on a shared hosting solution (
→ The file has been exported by Thunderbird (last version) and I precise that Google has no problem to import it, which suggest that the file is not corrupted itself.
→ A part of the problem is I don’t find any clue in the log files about what happens. I checked all /var/log/ files and also /data/nextcloud.log with no success, but if want to see one of them I can post it. Just tell me which ones you want.

I know there are lot of topics similar in this forum, but which are quite old now. And I really don’t know what to do, considering that I can’t simply give up (my users would kill me if I don’t find a solution).

Why do I post this topic ? Not strictly to make this import process working, but above all to find a workaround. I mean I’ll be glad to you if you can help to repair it, but what I really need is to have the file imported, whatever the way.

For example, here is few questions for which I need answers :

  • If I cut the file in few pieces, is there a way to reassemble it into Nextcloud ?
  • Is there a way to import the file with the ‘occ’ by the console ?

Thank you in advance for you ideas, remarks, advices… !


You need to make sure that the VTIMEZONEs are in each piece.

I don’t think so.

What you could do is validate it here:

What I would try is to import the file to a client which is linked to a nextcloud caldav account and the calendar will be synced to your Nextcloud.


Thank you very much for your help !

All right, I will take attention to that. But then how will I merge all the parts in an unique agenda ?

Well, You were right on that point. The file had many validating errors. I corrected them, but unfortunately the importing process doesn’t work better.

I’ve already tried to import the file in Google Agenda, and then to synchronize it with NC, with no success. I got a “Main error”. What can I do otherwise, any ideas ?


Sorry, I don’t know what that is.

What I meant is to import the ics-file to a calendar app on a computer. And then let that computer sync the data to nextcloud.

EDIT: Another thought I just had is to validate your ics file with vobject ( Benefit would be, that Nextcloud also uses vobject. So if it passes that validator, the chances are quite high that Nextcloud can import it. Also vobject has a repair mode to repair broken ics files (never tried that though).