How to force white (not black) icons in navigation bar? Custom CSS?


After the update from NC 27 to 28.0.7, the icons in the top navigation bar changed from white to black.

How can I make them white again without changing the background/theming color? (it’s corporate design)

Anything I can put in CustomCSS?

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I’m not sure which exact icons you mean. Could you please send a small screenshot of the area of ​​the page where the icons you want to change the color of are located?

Is it this area what you are talking about: ?


Is the corporate design also in CustomCSS? Perhaps you can provide that too so that it can be integrated uniformly.

It is not very complicated to change colors but I need to know if you want to change more than one icon or only one like in this example:


Much and good luck,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I am talking about these icons in the top navigation bar which are black now:

I would like them to be white.

Currently there is no CustomCSS, it was just an idea, that maybe these icons can be forced white with custom css.

Try this CustomCSS:

.app-menu-main .app-menu-entry img {
    filter: none !important;

I hopa that does what you want.

Much and good luck,

hm, the icons are white now, but not the text… and some icons are not white…

Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-07-12 08-26-11

You did not ask for the text. :wink:

What I did, I showed you how you can change things. I can change your entire design and the color of every single character, but I am not your employee. You must do it yourself.

What I can say: The Developer Tools of your Browser are the tool to find out exactly what is going on and with a little knowledge of CSS, you can create your corporate design.

Much and good luck,