How to force "download only" (no preview at all) on public shares?

I am trying to share files without any preview (except browser specific handling, i.e. internal pdf or video viewer).
As previews create load on server side, I would like to disable any preview (as I am sharing sometimes heavy word documents).
The external user will see only the file name (“MyDoc.docx”, “MyPdf.pdf”) and when clicking on the filename the download starts.
I know, when adding “/download” to a link of one file, it works as desired, but when I share a folder with several files and click on “MyDoc.docx” or “MyPdf.pdf”, the viewer opens.
This is what I want to avoid, instead the download should start.
Is there a way to do this (selectively or as default)?
Thank you

There some some issues here (sorry i missed the correct numers) to optimize also the the download feature. But Nextcloud is not a download platform. It is more a collaboration platform. I hope Nextcloud will include more download options in future.

If there are only a few files you can perhaps use the app Sharing Path to solve your problem on public shares for single files.

Thanks for the reply.
I am using NC as sharing platform, the option to download files directly instead of opening perfectly matches the scope. Opening files on server side needs resources, huge amount, if several files are opened simultaneously. The idea of NC is also to be self-hosted. That is why I think it should be an option to open files on server side when sharing documents publicly.

Yes, maybe sharing path can solve the problem.
Thank you