How to find (delete) my CALDAV files

I’m quite new to this forum and could not find an answer to my problem. So please excuse if I did not dig deep enough.

I just build nextcloud on my QNAP device and added a user in addition to the admin account. With the app CalDav Synchroniser I build a calender and kontacts in the nextcloud universe. Logging into my nexrcloud account I still cannot find my calender and contacts, although synchronising with my Android tablet is ok. When building the nextloud calender and kontact files with the CalDAV Synchroniser, I made a mistake resulting in having more then one of them with different names.

How can I delete the superfluous calenders ands contacts, resp how can I view and manipulate the entire nextcloud datadatabase?

Have you installed the calendar app inside Nextcloud? With that app you are able to see the calendars and their events. Also it is possible to delete single events or complete calendars with that app.

Hi Bernie_O,

thank you for your fast response.

Installung the calendar app is not what I really want, although it might be a solution to my current problem.

Using nextcloud from an admin account is to my feeling something like being a superuser, but not really an admin. I would like to have an admission to the nextcloud universe like a real administrator. How can this be accomplished?

Hmm… with the occ command it is possible to create calendars, but not to delete:

Of course you could use dav commands to delete calendars or single events, but I am not very experienced at that and can‘t give any tips. Basically all I know is that cURL is able to send dav commands.

Last possibility would be to manipulate the database. I don‘t know though whether manipulating the database directly will have any unwanted side effects. But if you wanna go down that road: use the appropriate cli-utility fitting to your database. If you are using SQLite3 the database is located in the datadirectory.

Good luck.