How to enable Webdav

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I’m working with Nextcloud 20 on Linux Debian 10 and try to access a folder over WebDav with an iOS encryption app (Cryptomator). Connecting the server with the recommended Webdav URL terminates with the message “It seems that the server is not compatible with Webdav”. I only found a manual how to access Nextcloud files using webdav[1] but there is no manual how to setup the server supporting Webdav.

Is there anywhere a checkbox to enable or disable Webdav in general or are there some server (operating system) requirements to use Webdav? Maybe there are some initial steps to configure for using Webdav, isn’t it? How can I check if Webdav is working and can I see the correct Webdav URL for a specific folder anywhere?

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You can check webdav working with almost every client with network capabilities.

Do you have a Windows PC or something with Linux on it? both support the connection to a webdav share natively.
If this works, it’s something with the app, if not webdav has an issue.

Webdav in the nextcloud documentation of latest release, but it’s similar to what you linked.

Servus Kerberos,

okay, in the tutorial you linked there is also a tutorial for connecting from Mac OSX and that apparently works. I’ll have to ask in the Cryptomator forum then. Thanks for your attention…

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