How to enable custom SSL/https on nextcloud (non-snap) on Ubuntu 22.04


Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, I’ve searched the forum but could not find.

I’ve installed nextcloud on a barbone Ubuntu 22.04, with apache2, mariaDB, all working fine, I can access the http version locally and remotely. No issues that end so far. Now i want to enable https, I have a wildcard certificate from my domain provider, but I can’t find a way how to install it. nextcloud.enable-https does not work as I am not using the snap version of nextcloud, thus I am getting udo: nextcloud.enable-https: command not found

All forum articles I am finding are snap related, which are no good for me.

Please can somebody help me with the correct procedure?

Thanks in advance.

What you’re asking about isn’t Nextcloud specific. It’s just a standard function of Apache. To use your certs you’ll also need to install things into wherever your Apache SSLCertificate* directives point - generally /etc/ssl.

Did you generate your CSR for your existing certificate from your NC server? If so, you should already have a place where your cert files go…

You can essentially follow something like this (skipping the cert generation stuff since you already have one for manual installation):

But there is a little bit on the manual about it:

Use your favor web search engine for:

Ubuntu apache ssl

Your cert provider probably has instructions for Apache+Ubuntu.

Alternatively setup Let’s Encrypt and never think about it again…