How to efficiently mirror/backup nextcloud primary server with the secondary one?

Please, share your experience of mirroring/backup/reserving nextcloud servers in order to provide access of users when the main server is down (out)?

I have the main primary server, which is located in a safe space. However, the level of safety due to power outages became less reliable. So, I would like to launch another smaller secondary server, eg, on Pi or something else, which may duplicate the main one till the primary server is out.

If some of you understands how to arrange it better, or even you may have the experience, please, share it.

For large setups, the implementation is that you can have different fronted server (e.g. behind load balancing) and they access the same database and storage cluster. However, that is not just two servers.

Having a hot swap system ready, it’s a bit tricky if you want to have everything automatic. If you have just a second server in the background, that syncs data (e.g. like over rsync) and you sync the database as well, and if it is not critical to have the very latest data, then you can have a low tech solution. There are a few discussion on the forum to have to instances synced together:


I am continuing to search for the ways to provide the reliability of my Nextcloud instance, when the main server appears without power, and there’s need to use the secondary one, plus this is lensed with the low bandwidth when the power goes down in the cities.

One of ideas, which came in my mind is to try to use hybrid solution: host data on my local server, while the webserver, cache server to host on some commercial cloud (aws, azure, gcp etc). What do you think about this approach? I will be glad to any your comments.