How to edit any docs in iPad?

can anybody give the newbie a hint on how to edit any documents (xls, doc, etc.) within an iPad?

I can do it easily on an Android, but can’t “turn on” edit mode…



The next release 2.17 should provide this feature. Please try as soon as it is released.

I just took a look at and I still don’t see this function.

I’ve tried to edit a TXT file and a XLS file.

TXT file was pretty straight forward, no ‘edit’ function.

With XLS, I have the option of “Copy to Excel”, but when I opened it in Excel, it gave me a warning of “Read Only - You can’t save changes to this file.”


Did you ever receive an answer to your question? I’m having the same issue.

App support “Documents”. So editing should be easy from other apps