How to Download a HEIC Live Photo Back to iOS Photo Library…


I have a big problem. I want to use Nextcloud to use it as my primary backup for my iDevices. Auto upload for Live Photos HEIC are not a problem. But Save as Live image back to my device, forces the app to convert my HEIC Live Photo to JPEG Live Photo.

I can’t find a way to download a HEIC Live Photo back to my Device at all.

This makes Nextcloud completely useless as a Backupsolution for my iDevices.

Is this a bug, or is there a way to do this right?


anybody able to resolve this?

Same issue here.

There’s a .HEIF/.HEIC file there alongside the .mov file, so it seems like the upload part is fine. If I choose to save a still copy through the share sheet, Apple Photos correctly “sees” a HDR still. But when Nextcloud’s “Save Live Photo to Photo Album” is used, the HEIF/HEIC is inexplicably converted to JPG and the HDR effect is lost.

Unfortunately, for users of newer iPhones, a large fraction of Live Photos happen to also feature HDR, which must remain un-uploaded for fear of not being able to re-import them for proper editing and viewing. I like Nextcloud for lots of other uses, it’s such a shame this one issue continues to loom large….