How to display full name in top bar?

I’ve just installed NextCloud 12 on my Raspberry Pi (using the amazing NextCloudPi), and I’ve lost the display of my full name from the top bar! I can’t seem to find a way to make it display (I can’t find anything anywhere in the settings) – can anyone help me get this small but very important interface feature back?


the top bar? what do you mean exactly?

Probably easiest to just show you what I mean. Here’s my situation before (using NC 11):

Now, with NC 12, my “full name” is missing:

Mmm I am guessing that’s a UI change from Nextcloud devs. I don’t know if there’s a way of bringing it back.

With that awesome name I would also want to see it all the time ;D

as this is not really related to nextcloud pi i’m removing the tags…

@donutlover This was a change in GUI, as @nachoparker wrote. Without an avatar, a setting icon is used. With an avatar, the avatar replaces the full name or user name. I like this change.
The feature to hide avatars in config.php has been removed, due to problems with some code changes.