How to Display Album Thumbnails When Sharing External Links?

I’m currently running Nextcloud version 27.1.1 with the Photos, Memories, and Preview apps installed and functioning correctly.

When I share individual pictures as external links (for example, in WhatsApp), I can see the thumbnail of the picture along with the link. However, when I attempt to share an entire album in a similar manner, I do not see any thumbnails accompanying the album link.

Is there a way to achieve the same thumbnail effect when sharing album links externally? I would like to make the shared album links more visually appealing and user-friendly by including thumbnails alongside them.

For others who come across this thread, The code has been updated to resolve this issue flawlessly in Memories v5.5.0! :tada:

Thanks to @pulsejet for his lightning-speed fix and impeccable coding skills. :man_superhero:

For those interested, you can check out the bug fix: