How to display a MS Word document

When I click on a pdf document in Files, it is shown in Browser.
How to achieve this also for Word documents?
No collaboration is needed!
Had massive problems with community server and uninstalled it!
Hope for simple solution

I think you can install the app Community Document Server

and then the app



Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server
Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (ARM64)

I think OnlyOffice is the better solution for real Microsoft Office documents.

Have you first use Collabora Online or ONLYOFFICE?
Perhaps you can change to the other software.

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In addition to the previous answer:
OnlyOffice (free) allows editig documents a few weeks only. After this period it only works as a viewer. If this is enough for you, you can use it.

If you wnat to edit the word documents from time to time the Collabora CODE-server might be the better choice. But I cannot tell you, how far the bugfixes under NC 23 have progressed.

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Is it mandatory?
I think Nextcloud Office is also depending on it?