How to disabled PHP ZIP-Module check on login? (PHP8.2, Nextcloud 27)

i have the following problem.
I was pushed to migrate to PHP 8.1/8,2 by Strato with my Managed Server.

I managed the updates by unpacking the zip-File on the Putty-Client.

Current situation:

  • Nextcloud 27 is installed and running
  • Sync with existing client apps is running
  • Login on the Website or new Handy-App Connection/Logins fails with the error, that the PHP ZIP-Module is missing (which seems to be is not relevant for the regular usage)
  • Strato is no able to install the ZIP-Module with PHP>=8 because the managed server is running on CentOS 7 and they say that the zip module is not compatible anymore. and that the need untli 2023 Q4 to fix this issues…

So is there a chance do disable the check of the php-zip module in the sourcecode?

That should help for the next month until Strato fixed the PHP installation on the managed Server.

Thanks a lot for your support.

You should look in the logfile. With its help you can trace back from which code position the message was originally triggered.

Logfile is located in the data directory and is formated in json, so you can pipe it to jq to get it beautified:

tail -F nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log | jq

I scanned the code for the php-zip functions and there is actually almost nothing used. I can’t say whether it actually works without zip, maybe some apps are restricted but the core should work. (No guarantee, you are on your own!)

Hope this helps,
much luck

thanks for your response.

Unfortunatly the massage at the login-screen that the ZIP-Module is missing doesn’t cause any log entries.
I checked this already (double after your massage)

I usually only use the 'sync-clients on the computer - so for me it also looks, that the zip module is only needed for the updates.

And yesterdas - as long as there was an active session also the web-forntend worked.

But after this session endet I can’t log in again because of this message.


  • PHP-Modul zip nicht installiert.Bitte für die Installation des Moduls deinen Server-Administrator kontaktieren.
  • PHP-Module wurden installiert, werden aber als noch fehlend gelistet?Bitte kontaktiere deinen Server-Administrator und bitte um den Neustart des Webservers.

So is there a chance to disable this check before the login?

You can bypass the check on the PHP-zip module by making the following change:
Du kannst die Prüfung auf dem PHP-zip Modul umgehen durch folgende Änderung:

File Datei:


Comment out line 615:
Zeile 615 auskommentieren::

Old Alt:

		$dependencies = [
			'classes' => [
				'ZipArchive' => 'zip',
				'DOMDocument' => 'dom',
				'XMLWriter' => 'XMLWriter',
				'XMLReader' => 'XMLReader',

New Neu:

		$dependencies = [
			'classes' => [
//				'ZipArchive' => 'zip',
				'DOMDocument' => 'dom',
				'XMLWriter' => 'XMLWriter',
				'XMLReader' => 'XMLReader',

That should deactivate the check
Das sollte die Prüfung deaktivieren

I hope that helps
Ich hoffe das hilft

much luck!
viel Glück!

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Thanks a lot.
Vielen Dank.

It solved the issues - login is working again on the webpage and also on the mobile app.
Das hat funktioniert - Login klappt wieder sowohl über Web als auch über die Handy-App.

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