How to disable the Shimming animation effext in Nextcloud Spreed

Hi there, Can anyone help me to disable the Shimming animation effects?

In the Nextcloud Talk, When we switch from one conversation to another or from one tab to another, We can experience the shimmer effect.

  • Where is the Source for those activities? Because projection has an illusional glass effect on articles, texts, or images. Is an old traditional concept, Also at a particular point user might get bored with such an Effect.
  • So, Instead of that we can replace various load-balancing animation effects with [ logos & gif ]. We tried to work on it but, Can’t able to find the location of the source.
  • But we get a lead in Talk mobile and change the illusional glass effect and replace it with a gif logo. Likewise, How to get the source code for the web server?
  • Or if there’s any other solution please help me. Else if there’s an option to disable that illusion please let me know.
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Not absolutely sure, but I guess they live in the vue lib: nextcloud-vue/src/components at master · nextcloud/nextcloud-vue · GitHub

@SysKeeper Thanks for your reply, But Vue files don’t have the source of Shimming effect.

This is what you’re looking for ?

@SysKeeper Thanks for Sharing this source. I tried to Work on it But, It didn’t work.
Then I find a lead in the Talk-main.js file.

In the “LoadingPlaceholder.vue” file, They mention the animation effect packages in the class name of place holder. I searched for the class name in the Js file & it Exits there.
Then I disabled the shimmer effect for the conversation list & it’s working now.