How to disable 'talk' / chat for link sharing on NC18.0.3

I shared a link to a file I want people to be able to view/download anonymously (I want to publish this link publically). When I checked it worked I was surprised to find that I had now enabled anonymous text and video chat on my server!

  1. create a file (e.g. a something.txt file)
  2. create a share link to it
  3. open that share link in a private window - you can now add comments and start a video chat!

How can I disable that?

I have found the option.

Settings » Talk

then UNCHECK Allow conversations on public shares for files.

Hi Devs,

I digged out this old issue cause it seems this solution does not work.

Nextcloud 20.0.8 everything is up to date.
Linux 4.19.0-14-amd64 x86_64
Php: Version: 7.3.27
Type: mysql
Version: 10.3.27
I disabled these settings but I still get the popup to share it and it is shared if i click it.

Has anyone else this issue too?
Here are the screenshots:


If there is another setting please let me know.

Edit: Hopefully it won’t get ignored cause it appears solved.