How to disable Server-side-encryption format?

Dear Nextcloud community,

I have a Nextcloud Box with a Nextcloud 20 app in an Ubuntu Core 16 server based on Snaps.

It was just upgraded to Nextcloud 20, and I got this:

The old server-side-encryption format is enabled. We recommend disabling this. For more details see the documentation.

According to the instructions in the document it is needed to run an OCC command to check before disable the Encryption. Now, the issue is that snap seems that not support the OCC commands. So how could I disable the Encryption?

Thank you

You can run the OCC commands even though it’s a snap.
You just need to adjust the command and don’t forget sudo.

occ encryption:scan:legacy-format => sudo nextcloud.occ encryption:scan:legacy-format
It’s the same with maintenance mode, on snap it is:
sudo nextcloud.occ maintenance:mode --on or off

Please note, that you can run the scan only if maintenance mode is off.
If it returns no problems, you can edit your config during maintenance mode on.

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