How to disable "add to a project"? (solved by dirty workaround)

Hey guys,

is there an easy way to disable the new projects feature in Nextcloud 16?

I’m talking about the “add to a project” button in the files sharing menu.

I do not want to give my customer users another thing which is out of my control and additionally confusing for them.

Thanks in advance!

Since I have no clue how to actually work with Vue or edit rendered (?) .js files and because I’m a github beginner, I just forked nextcloud/server and tried to fiddle with javascript inside of apps/files_sharing.

After deleting the content of apps/files_sharing/src/views/CollaborationView.vue followed by git clone and make all, the template won’t be rendered and therefore I was able to remove the button “add to a project” in the sharing side menu.

Until someone gives me a hint for a proper way, I will stay with this workaround, hoping that it won’t break anything else.