How to Dial in from the phone

Hi All, I’m using next cloud for video calling/conference. Someone told me we can use a DID at next cloud so people can call on that number and can join the conference from phone too? Can we achieve this?

Anyone please?

Did anyone get a chance to take a look at this?

Yea this works if you afford the high performance backend from nextcloud GmbH. Just get in contact and have a look here: Nextcloud Talk: Private communication, anywhere – Nextcloud
It is not simply possible with a self-hosted system.

It’s on the backlog to create a SIP-based gateway to join via phone call:

Feel free to reach out to the developers if you want to help to create this feature.

For the time being, there are just talk-apps for smartphones…

Not fully correct anymore. With 10.1 we did some changes which allows providing a SIP bridge, but since we don’t want to change stuff in our clients, i only works via the HPB of our partner Struktur AG, see SIP configuration · Issue #5370 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub for screenshot-