How to determine if installed version is supported

This is more of a question than a problem. I have a particular version of Nextcloud installed. I have occ available, as well as curl/jq. Is there any supported/official way for me to determine if the major version of Nextcloud I have installed is still supported?

The only idea I have so far is looking at the latest-stableXX symlinks in, because the devs generally remove those symlinks when a release is no longer supported, but that feels like I’m taking advantage of side effects that could change without warning (e.g. there’s no reason to think that workflow won’t change in the future).

Is there a known, supported API I can hit or occ command I can run that will tell me that I’m EOL?

I am not aware of an official API but maybe you can parse the information from

Maybe the source code for is published somewhere, in this case there should be some kind of information available, too…?

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You’re right, although Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub might be even better. That still could change at any time though, I was hoping to find something meant for the purpose. I didn’t consider the Nextcloud scanner though, you’re right, assuming EOL releases aren’t hard-coded into it, it must be using some way of looking that information up. If I use whatever it’s doing, I doubt it’ll change. @jospoortvliet any chance you know where it’s pulling that information from, or otherwise know of an officially-supported way to do this?