How to delete the "Accounts" address book


how do I delete the “accounts” address book on NC 27.0.2? Nobody wants that… I have 2 addressbooks in it “contacts” & “accounts”. Clicking on delete in the addressbook sections does not have any effect. Addressbook can not be deleted.

Anyone with the same problem?



This is new functionality in NC27 (I believe) and I’ve seen this asked elsewhere, but haven’t come up with a good answer yet.

So developers should mention why they implement it and how to get rid of it…

same problem here,

in the documentation: Contacts / CardDAV — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

they give the command: occ config:app:set dav system_addressbook_exposed --value="no" in order to disable access of users to address book of the system which contains all users of nextcloud instance.

I did run the occ command but didn’t work, still see all Nextcloud’s accounts with a normal user…

I just tried it on my test instance, and it works with version 27.1.0 RC2, but didn’t work with RC1.

To me this looks like the feature has been merged very recently, and therfore it isn’t in 27.0.2 or earlier versions of Nextcloud Hub 5. So, I guess you’ll have to wait for the release of Hub 6 (27.1.0), or maybe there will be a version 27.0.3 that includes a backport of this feature.

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I’ve just installed Nextcloud Hub 6 : 27.1.0
retried: occ config:app:set dav system_addressbook_exposed --value="no"
that worked!

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In version 27.1.3 there seems to be an easier solution that hides the Accounts addressbook.
Contacts App → Settings → Section Addressbooks → last line should be Accounts. Klick … on the right and uncheck the “show” checkbox.

Worked for me, no user accounts in the contacts app any longer.
But this is a solution just at user level, not at system level.