How to delete/set right Enter E2E Passphrase

Hi devs,

I think this has been asked before but probably there is a solution now.

I have deleted the folder which was encrypted but still this enter passphrase is coming up.
I even have the passphrase and tried it but it was not working.


Is there anyway to reset it.

Thank you!


Hi Devs,

I think I am looking in the wrong direction could you please point me in the right one.

I dont really have a passphrase so I still does not work.


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Hey, Did you find a solution to the problem?

Anyone have an update on this? I’m having the same issue and I already tried deleting the account and the user from mysql but it’s still asking me for the E2E passphrase when I set up the desktop client.

How can we delete the E2E encryption from the server guys ? Please some help from support would be appreciated…
I know someone said it’s still in alpha but sorry to say that it is actually not according to the store. The module passed in stable version…
So how do we disable and delete any mention of E2E from a server ? And I guess then the client won’t ask it anymore.
Also there is obviously a problem with the phrase between server and at least windows client…

Hallo, i also get those error messages.
Is there a solution for this problem?

Is there still no solution for this Problem?

For anyone trying to delete E2E passphrase after accidentally setting it, here’s the instructions to remove it manually:

Replace [USER] with your account username
[Password] is your mysql password you set up
If you are using NCP, you can find the information in the NCP web panel

mysql -u [MySQLUSER] -p
DELETE FROM oc_filecache WHERE path LIKE 'appdata_%/end_to_end_encryption/meta-data/[USER]%';
DELETE FROM oc_filecache WHERE path LIKE 'appdata_%/end_to_end_encryption/%-keys/[USER].%.key';

Exit mysql and run the following command

sudo -u www-data php -f /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php

Hello zetix, does this remove the error message from Frankenstein?

Not really sure what you mean by Frankenstein? But it does remove the E2E popup messages from the nextcloud client though.

Frankenstein was the starter of this tread. Yes, the message is gone. Thx.