How to delete files in group folder

I have a group folder with advanced permissions for the admin (configured in “Administration settings → Group folder”.

Then I added in the sharing options of the folder an advanced permission rule for the admin with Read, Write, Create, Delete, Share all enabled.

Nevertheless I do not have an entry “Delete” in the right-click-menu of a file or folder inside this group folder.

Any suggestions what I can do?

@JrM how are the permissions for the Group folder set in the administration? You can’t add missing permissions with the advanced permissions. So if the admin doesn’t have “delete” permission there, you can’t add it in the advanced permissions.

Hi Chartman,
thanks for the hint. This was the solution.
Seems that I have overseen this for some reason.

Glad I could help you. Then please mark my post as the solution to this topic :slight_smile: