How to define the Czech language?

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 2 PR to add the Czech language in my Workspace app :partying_face:

I would like to test if all these translations are correct.
But, I don’t see the Czech language in the Settings :

How to define a language that is not listed here ?

after scroll down in the context menu a lot of other implemented languages are shown a. o. čeština :

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Which NC version are you using?

Thanks @amarillo !

I didn’t know the Czech language is “Cestina” :confused:

Thank you very much :pray:

It’s resolved but my NC version is 23 for dev.

We can adapt this.
What is your proposal?

I’m French and I thought the Czech language in Cestina was “Czech”. But “Czech” is the name of the country in english.

So, it’s a mistake I made.
I don’t think we can improve this experience ^^’

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