How to deal with people leaving the institution?


should we share files via link or should we create accounts: We are a little school and we have to share several documents with the parents.
So, parents come and go.
What do you think is the more secure way to share things: Creating accounts on the Nextcloud for all of them and delete them angain when they are leaving or share the files and folders which are necessary for them via link and renew the links everytime when parents are leaving?

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Since parents don’t have to talk to each other or collaborate on documents, I think the most efficient way for them is to have a folder for each of them and share links with them (with a password for security and privacy).

If needed they could drop documents if you allow them to.

Giving them more access and features is not necessary and might disturb to them ?

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usually you have two kinds of documents - public docs related to the whole class and private related to one child. I think you could build a group+group folder per class to share public docs, for private docs there is no other way as share them individually…

they “don’t have to” but “they want” so having individual accounts linked to maybe “Class Talk room” allows multiple advantages - effective public communication like announcements, non-private informal chat…

together with the need of private 1:1 chats and document exchange results in a requirement of individual accounts, either full-blown user or may-be “guest” accounts depending on your expectations and fantasy…

Thank you for your answers, @ligal and @wwe!

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Between normal users and public links you can maybe still use guests (video). Maybe this is a solution for you in some cases.

With public shares you can use multiple shares for the same directory and passwords. You can label the shares to devide the user groups and after a time you can delete some of the shares.

Thank you, @devnull!

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