How to create shares that are not owned by one user


I’ve added this as a support query rather than an enhancement as there may already be a way of doing it.

I can see it might be related to the proposed “Ability to move files” suggestion as sometimes one users file becomes useful to the entire company and should be moved from one user’s control to a central location.

E.g. A company manual may be authored by a group of interested parties, but once release becomes a controlled company document and should one be modified by people with the right permissions as changing it may affect peoples employment contracts. However all employees need read access to it.

I can see there are ways of doing this, e.g. by Admin sharing their files but perhaps there is another?

Suggestion, relate this to the move files enhancement:
1: Push
Any user should be able to ‘donate’ their file or folder to the organisation as a whole. When they do this the Admin (or Group Admin) gets the possibility of accepting that donation and the file is pushed to a central share where the receiving admin controls access.
2: Pull
Any Admin (or Group Admin) can move files from a user (or a user in their group) to a more central share where admin controls access to others.

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That’s currently the preferred method. You take a admin user and share specific folders to groups/users. You can provide write access to a specific user or group.

If you don’t want to provide access to the whole folder, you can provide a push-directory (or many companies use a write-all temp-directory which is cleared out regularly). As a admin, you can’t access the user’s files/folders (via interface).