How to create separate user folder in external storage


I am trying to automate creation of $user folder on external storage with respect to the group.

i followed this Configuring External Storage (GUI) — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation
but am getting ! mark while saving.

i.e. say user foo is currently logged and he is in group bar so according to the config path in external storage setting /data/bar/$user i am expecting a folder created on his name in the location /data/bar/foo

could you please tell me what i am missing here!!

Hey I am not sure but afaik, the external storage app doesn’t create folders on its own and I am not sure if the local external storage app accepts “$user” as path.
You could test both things out by creating a folder at the correct path manually and logging in with one of the users.

@szaimen Thanks for your reply,

okay i will try that so now i have another doubt is it possible to attain my requirement using smb??
if yes what should i do for this error

am using next cloud container

Yes, if you can install the required smbclient inside your container, using SMB to achieve what you want to do should be possible.

yeah i will try that

Hi szaimen its still the same error, am not sure of what i am missing


hm… does it work if you for testing put one specific user instead of “$user” into the field?

yes it does, but that wont satisfy my requirement of having a folder created on user’s name, in which he is the only one who has access

Hm okay, then maybe you should file a bug report in the server repository.