How to create Display Tables

Hi, just starting to use the Collectives extension and loving it.
I saw in the last release that display tables are now supported.
I have been spending the last hour trying to figure out how to create a table.
I’ve tried the MarkDown way by using:

Column 1 | Column 2
------- | ------

but that does not work (I should say it didn’t work for me). I don’t have a table icon in the toolbar.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


this should work:

| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |
| ABC | DEF | 1234 |

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Thanks for the reply.
Still will not turn it into a table.
I even copied exactly what you wrote and pasted it in as plain text and no table :confused:

Hm, weird. You are using the latest version, are you? What happens if you create a table with the gui ?

I’m version 1.1.0
That’s the weird thing, I can’t create a table with the GUI. There is no table icon in the toolbar.

I disabled, removed, and re-installed, and still no luck.

Have you searched in the three dot menu? For me the table icon is hidden in there…

According to the changelog of the collectives app, you need NC 24 for tables to work: “Display tables (can be created with Nextcloud 24)”. Are you using NC 24?

That’s the problem :slight_smile: I’m not on NC 24. I’m on NC 23.05.
I plan on updating next weekend to NC 24.
Thanks for for your time and helping me diagnose my table issue. :slight_smile:

Tables are a feature of the updated text app - I use 3.5.1 and there you have a table entry in the … menu.
Collectives (1.1.0) is “just using” this feature.