How to create a new event -to Nextcloud WebDav synched calendar- from iOS Calendar app?


I feel very dumb because I am not able (or not aware on how) to create a new event from iOS Calendar app into the Nextcloud WebDav calendar.

For one of my family memeber I have an iPhone with iOS 15 fully configured with Nextcloud app for file sync, WebDav contacts and calendar, Talk and Deck.

We use a shared calendar with family related events.

Nextcloud calendar is well visible in iOS Calendar app, properly synched when I create a new event either from web or from other Android users.

I am quite experienced Nextcloud/Android/Linux user managing my home nextcloud instance since version 19.

But I am lost with iOS with Nextcloud because I am not (and I will harldy be) familiar with iOS world and phylosophy of its closed system.

Thank you for relieveing me from this pain in my socket : )

Hi @drdetergent

They have to manually choose the Nextcloud calendar while creating a new event. They could also set the Nextcloud calendar as the default for new events, but that’s probably not desirable if it’s only used for shared events.


and that’s what I was expecting

but instead there is no way to pickup a different calendar

se the screenshit below and despite the language is Italian you will not see any calendar (calendario in Italian) or personal (personale in Italian) from the app


iOS is version 15

iOS does only show the calendar selection option in the “Nuovo evento” dialog, if there is more then one calendar set up on the device, to which it has write access. Are you sure you gave those users write access to the respective calendar on your Nextcloud server?


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good catch, it was the edit permission disabled for that user

an example of iOS prejudice instead of a standard configuration check

Thank you!

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