How to create a folder which I can share without having users registered?

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2 questions:

  1. Where can I find the version of the NextCloud we are using?

  2. I want to share a folder with a group of persons who I will not register as users. How can I create such a folder and how can I share it. ( I could not find this information in the manual and hope not to be blind.)

Thanks in advance for your helping information.

As admin, open settings and then open Overview under the Administration settings.

On any folder you can use the share symbol to either share it with email addresses, or create a Share link by clicking on the + symbol, and then send the link to the users.

If you don’t see the email/share link options, check the admin settings for “Sharing”, where you can enable or disable various sharing options.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried a week ago to share a link with a person who was not registered as a user. I did following steps:

  • Selected the folder I wanted to share
  • Clicked the “share” icon
  • Clicked the icon top right next to the folder name to copy the link
    This shows the information “only works for users which have access to this file or folder”
  • Send by normal email (out side of NC) the link to the person
  • Person could not access to the folder - I needed to register this person as a user so he got access.

Additionally I looked now into the settings but did not find something, which allows me create access for a not as user registered person.

May I ask you to please give me some more information on how to make the appropriate settings?

Thanks also for the information on where to find the version number. We are running v15.0.2

Aha - you have to use another link for public sharing, it should be on the bottom of the share meny (if it’s enabled), named “Share link”:


If it’s not there, you can enable it in the admin settings:

Check Allow users to share via link to enable creating public shares for people who are not Nextcloud users via hyperlink.

For reference, check the admin sharing settings here: