How to control memory usage by Dashboard

I enabled Dashboard and now it uses 100MB of real memory and 200-400MB of swap memory. Of course if I disable it I free up memory for the above.
Can I curb the amount of memory used by Dashboard?

The above usage is in severe condition on my server. Some users rate Dashboard highly and I would like to find a usable configuration.

CentOS 7.9, Nginx 1.20.2, PHP 8.1.11, Nextcloud 24.0.6, Dashboard 7.4.0

Not really. Maybe if you use less widgets, it will use less memory. but in the end, everything that is running on your server does need some amount of memory and cannot be optimized infinitely. But maybe with more details about your hardware and how you setup everything, someone might be able to provide some tips on how you could optimize a few things…

What exactly do you mean by that? Do other features and apps perform worse? Are you getting errors? Does anything crash? We need details to be able to help…

Do you want to use it because other users have recommended it or because it is actually useful to you ? If it’s just “nice to have”, disabling it, seems to be an easy way to save a little bit of RAM… :wink: