How to connect to CalDAV server

I would like to use Evolution for email, calendar, and contacts. How can I find the URL to connect with the CalDAV and CardDAV server? I am running Ubuntu 18.04 desktop and server.

AFAIK there are only tools/addons for thunderbird and outlook :wink:

Hello STrike,

Thanks for getting back to me. NextCloud is supposed to have a CalDAV server. When using their calendar a URL for it is shown but Evolution says it’s not a recognized server. The CardDAV server seems to work okay with Evolution. But - thanks!



It’s not very intuitive. in the Nextcloud web interface, go to Calendar, and next to the calendar that you wish to share, click the ellipsis (’…’) and then ‘Link’.



Thank you very much. That worked! I had been using the URL that is supplied below at the extreme lower left under “Settings & Import”. Clicking on that would open URL’s for MAC and for standard CalDAV. That one only showed the directory where calendars are stored. The one you pointed me to was the same directory but with the actual calendar file stored by the nextcloud default calendar.

I have been at this for nearly the whole day. I finally broke for dinner and found your email when I came back to the computer. Now I’ll go back to nextcloud help to see if I can mark my question as answered.

Thanks again, Steve

can give me your answer
and send step to step