How to configure Only Office after upgrading to v18?


I just upgraded my Nextcloud Community VM to version 18.0.2 (official Nextcloud VM made by Tech & Me) through the Web Interface.
Everything worked well, without any error.

Now, I would like to use Only Office, since it seems to be installed by default on this new version.
How can I do it?
I installed the Only Office app but didn’t manage to configure it (I don’t know which address should I use for the Document Server address ; I tried the same address used for Nextcloud but it didn’t work).
Should I do something more?

Thank you so much for your help!

I think, you need to install onlyoffice-documentserver from
Furthermore, you need to configure a second subdomain ( or similarly).
Then, you can enter this subdomain in the nextcloud app.

If you have further questions, you can also search this community forum or Google… there are lots of introductions…

Thank you.
I thought Nextcloud 18 had already a built-in Only Office installation.
Is there something I didn’t understand?

You are not alone who interpreted Nexcloud Hub announcement this way.
In reality it is NOT built-in. You need to install two components for this to work

  • OO Community Document Server app
  • OO connector app

Thank you.
Actually, before updating my server to v18, I had installed the Nextcloud Hub VM (from this image) and Only office was indeed built-in.

That’s why I thought it would be automatically installed with the update to v18.

Anyway, I just installed Only Office Community Document Server and Only Office Connector app.
But I think I’m doing something wrong because when I type my current domain nom on the OO connector app, it doesn’t work (error when trying to connect (Bad healthcheck status)).

How can I know the address of my Document server, which is installed on my Nextcloud server ?
Maybe they both use the same ports and that’s why it doesn’t work…

Thanks in advance for your help!

I haven’t tried the Community version; running a standalone OO server.
But I believe they both require proper SSL certification to work in tandem…

I just found this page:

But finds are different in real life… It doesn’t work in my installation as they say.

I found it!
I checked the path on a fresh new installation of Nextcloud Hub.

As stated in the official page I sent previously, the Only Office app connector should be done automatically.
If not, here is the path to use:

It works like a charm!