How to configure nginx to reverse proxy the nextcloud fpm docker container?

So I’ve googled the heck out of this, but I can’t find a reliable drop in config I can use for nginx reverse proxy to the FPM version of the nextcloud docker container. All the examples I’ve seen require setting document root, but I don’t have access to that since it’s containerized. I only have access to port 9000.

I am looking for a simple, bare bones fastcgi_pass solution for nginx. Does anyone have a working config?

do you mean this?

Well I tried some version in the v14 documentations page, but it wasn’t the same as what you posted. However, the part I’m concerned about is this:

root /var/www/html;

In my nginx container, this path will not exist (or at least, it certainly won’t have the contents of the Nextcloud server content). The docker page says this is required to be mapped to my nginx container to serve static content. If this requirement is still valid, then I will opt in for the Apache version of the image instead of using FPM version.