How to configure Nextcloud SMTP with postfix

HI Everyone,

I Installed Nextcloud on Ubuntu with SNAP.
I manually Installed POSTFIX for nextcloud can send mail.

My Postfix server is working I received the test mail on Gmail…
Then I presume it is properly working.

Then how to configure NEXTCLOUD SMTP ?
I tried several settings and read a lot of post but i could not fix it…

Any idea ?

First of all you should check the postfix log /var/log/mail.log

The you will find error messages, why mails do not be accepted for sending.
In many cases the authentification may fail.

I got this result when i try to send a test mail to an outlook adress.

With Outlook I never received the mail but on Gmail I got it instantly…
That is a bit confusing…

First of all you should find out, what is missing in first line on - see first line in log above.
The sent mail is to a local address. Did you configure Postfix for email? - It does not look so.