How to configure nextcloud and apache installed by snap?

I installed nextcloud using sudo snap install nextcloud on my vps. Now I can connect to it at localhost:80 from the vps itself. If I forward the 80-th port via ssh from my local computer, then I can connect from it too. I want nextcloud to work at nextcloud.mydomain.dmn, so I obviously need to do some configuration, however I don’t know how to do that with snap.

There is a readonly /snap/nextcloud/current/ directory with conf/httpd.conf. I can’t edit it. It’s provided by the following systemd unit:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/snap-nextcloud-2184.mount
Description=Mount unit for nextcloud



It seems there are not nextcloud-related config files in /etc except for systemd units.

I’m wondering the same thing. Have you found any more information on this? I want to configure Apache to force http requests to https but can’t even FIND Apache (or its config files).

Just make sure nextcloud.mydomain.dmn is pointing at your VPS, and ensure it’s in your trusted domains. Done.

Looks like this question was also asked, and answered, here. If you’re the one who asked, give the answerer some credit-- spot on.